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Party like Picasso!©   A Painting Party for all Ages 

Little Picassos and Georgia O'Keeffes make color, shape and line come alive as they dip brushes into palettes of neon, glitter and primary-color paints to create display-ready masterpieces to take home. One hour.

Art Truck Party Reviews

"Fantastic!" ~ Party Like Picasso Paint Bar Party Mom, February 2014

"Thank you for visiting the Children's Department at the Bristol Public Library. Many little artists had a BLAST painting and creating beautiful pictures on plates. We look forward to your next visit to the library." ~ Paint Bar Party Program, Supervisor of Children's Services, Bristol Public Library

"Thanks for a wonderful activity! We'll be seeing you again soon!"
~ Paint Bar Party Mom

"You did a fabulous job with my daughter Drea's birthday party. We were so glad that you were able to make it an even more special day. Nothing but the best of luck to you and I will definitely recommend you to others." ~ Paint Bar Party Mom

"Thank you for a fabulous party! The kids seemed to have a blast and the birthday girl declared it the best birthday ever." ~ Paint Bar Party & Cupcake Add-on Party Mom

"14, 3rd grade girls had a marvelous time painting! Great combination of structured activities and "free-flowing creativity." The Art Truck staff were wonderful with the kids and such a pleasure to work with - not that any other adults did any work! Highly recommended." ~ Paint Bar Party, Girl Scout Troop Leader

"Thank you for creating a wonderful party for our 6 year old daughter and her friends! The paint bar party was fantastic and the teachers were outstanding. We were thrilled with the party and can't thank you enough for your time, talent and enthusiasm."

Party like Picasso Party Video

Children's Picasso Paint Bar Birthday Party Photos

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~ Paint Bar Party Dad, March 2013


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Picasso Paint Bar

Party like Picasso©

Masquerade Party

What A Masquerade©

Bling Party

Baubles, Beads & Bling©

Royal Party

Party Like Royalty©

Scrapbook Party

Party with Scrapbook©


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