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Party with Baubles, Beads & Bling!©  A Children's Jewelry Party for Ages 6+

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Fashionistas make artistic statements while designing chic "cocktail" bling-rings, funky necklaces and bauble boxes for keeping treasures. Fun wire, specialty beads, pendants, gems and boxes make this the perfect way to string together fashion flair! 1 hour Party.

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Connecticut's Best Birthday Parties for Kids
Happen with The Art Truck!

"Thanks to Morgan and Mercedes for a super fun 7th Birthday party. Even the moms had fun making rad cocktail rings!"

~ Jewelry Bling Party Mom, May 2013

"Thank you so much for making my daughter's 6th birthday, a birthday party she will never forget. She and her friends had so much fun in the Art Truck making their jewelry and being silly girls!! As for me, not only did I love that I didn't have a mess to clean, but I was impressed with the entire mobile art studio. Thank you both again!"

~ Jewelry Party Mom, August 2012


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