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Holiday Party Ideas

Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate a holiday? An edible art party, masqerade or photobooth party will turn your celebration into a work of art! Or choose any party on our menu to create your perfect celebration.

A Sweet ART Party! $350

Eat your heART out this Valentine's Day with an edible art party at your home or office. Create a vintage valentine cupcake topper and then indulge your sweet tooth while sculpting cookies and cupcakes using decadent sprays, gels and sprinkles! Have your cake and eat it too at this artistic feast!

Halloween Party is Delicious, Ghoulish Fun!  $350

Are you planning a Halloween birthday party, or hosting a ghoulish gathering with friends or co-workers? The Art Truck provides everything you need to create a sweet and scary edible art bash! Your guests will delight in designing tombstone flags, painting spooky spider web cookies and building monstrous cupcakes using frosting, gels, sprays, edible candy bones, and more! We bring everything you need for a memorable party with none of the mess in to clean up in your home, school or office.
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Halloween Masquerade Party! $350

Get creative with your personality and create your own mask. You and your guests can become insects, animals, other people or anything you can imagine! Use pre-cut mask bases and add glitter, wacky papers, faux fur, ribbons and more! The Art Truck Mobile Parties are 60 minutes on board our mobile studio for up to 12 guest artists and lead by two of our specially trained Art-tenders. Each party includes all materials and supplies for your project, so your create and we clean up!

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Get your friends together for a night-in, a bachelorette or just to break your routine.

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